Day 3: Superpower Day

If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?

I kind of feel like I've been waiting for this prompt for years.  Because I've been wishing for this superpower for years.  No, I don't want to be invisible.  Rachel Ray frequently asks the guests on her show this question, and she says invisibility is a popular answer.  Seems like that's just a way of saying you want to spy on people...

For my superpower I would like to be able to transfer how I feel to another deserving person.  A lot of people say they wouldn't wish their pain or other symptoms on their worst enemy.  They're way better people than me.  I wouldn't transfer my health issues to just anyone, just to those who think people with ICI are lazy or a wuss because of how they deal with their symptoms.  

My superpower wish probably has a lot to do with the important men in my life (husband, father) dismissing my symptoms as my own weakness.  These are men who knew me for years before I got sick.  I was strong and active and productive and happy.  It never fails to amaze me that they could reconcile the old me with the me that had to change her life in major ways in order to live effectively with multiple chronic illnesses, and then how they could come up with the deduction that I was faking it all.  

So my wishful answer is to be able to transfer the effects of my health issues to other people.  The transfer would have to include the effects of having lived with these symptoms for weeks and months and years, day in and day out.  In other words the long term beat down that comes with living with a CI.  

Of course the transfer would also involve the invisibility or concealment of the illness, and others' negative reactions to to it.  The length of time I would have the transfer last would depend on the transferee's reaction to their new, chronically ill self.  As long as they continued on in denial the transfer would continue.  They would have to come to the realization that their life had changed permanently and deal with that for a while before the transfer would be reversed.  Yeah, I'd reverse it.  Eventually.


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