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Blog Action Day '09: Isabel Rossalini's Green Porno Show on the Sundance Channel

Had to share a few REALLY cool links I've found -

Huffington Post's Game Changers celebrates 100 innovators, visionaries, and leaders in 10 categories who are harnessing the power of new media to reshape their fields and change the world. With readers' help, they are going to pick 10 people who are changing the game in Green. This is a great and FUN way to get to know who the movers and shakers in the green movement are.

So far this is my favorite: Isabella Rossalini's Green Porno show on the Sundance Channel - too funny! I think she can get away with this because she's French.

From Huff Post on Isabella Rossalini:
Current Status: “Green Porno” auteur

Changing The Game By: Bringing fun and a bit of naughtiness to a subject traditionally presented dryly: the reproductive habits of bugs and sea creatures. Her short Web films have become an Internet sensation. In them, the one-time face of Lancôme does tongue-in-cheek reenactments of fish and bug sex, donning simplistic…

Blog Action Day: Climate Change vs those who deny it - what's more scary?

What do I know about climate change? Not much. To my unscientific mind, climate change means the beauty and utility of Mother Earth are in danger. To my ICIE mind, the forces that are causing climate change are ultimately responsible for the autoimmune epidemic we're experiencing now.

There are those who deny the very existence of the climate change phenomenon. If you are so lucky as to not know any of these folks, I can assure you that they do exist, and I know this because I'm surrounded by them in my personal life.

On Tuesday 10/13/09 there were 12,700,000 Google results forthe phrase "people who don't believe climate change is happening." On Wednesday there were 57,100,000 Google results for the same phrase... (Could this increase have to do with Blog Action Day being tomorrow?) In any case, lots of results.

Why are there still so many people who don't believe that climate change is happening? WikiAnswers the question quite simply:
For a number of reason…

Blog Action Day '09: Climate Change

Trailer for the October 15th event:

C'mon. If I can do it, so can you.

Another update on Whitcomb: Even when it's over, it's not over

Dan Brady, a former chiropractor at Whitcomb's FM Relief Center who testified on Whitcomb's behalf at the hearing to consider revoking his license, has opened the Integrated Wellness Center & Spa. They have a Fibromyalgia Treatment Program; I can't tell if it's related to Whitcomb's technique or not, but others who have experienced Whitcomb's technique seem to think it is.

Whitcomb is now TEACHING the technique that helped get his chiropractic license revoked. It has been renamed Neurologic Relief Center Technique (NRCT). There's an excellent review of the patient portion of a workshop given by Whitcomb, by Dannette Mason Rusnak of FibroHaven blog, "Follow up on Dr. Whitcomb & NRCT."

Dannette was invited to attend the patient portion of the workshop by an acupuncturist who paid for a day and a half training session with Whitcomb. His training session was followed by an hour long lecture by Whitcomb for the patients, after which the pati…