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ILAP 2008 - The Pledge to Care

I don't really know where to start with writing about the International Leaders Against Pain program that I attended this month. So I'm just going to jump in there and start with the "Leader's Pledge to Care".

We made this pledge on the last night of the program. It is a blueprint, if you will, of what I need to do, the directions I need to take, in leading the push for awareness and treatment of Fibromyalgia.

Leader's Pledge to Care

We pledge to partner with the NFA to:

* BE THE VOICE of millions of people suffering with fibromyalgia, and to actively advocate on their behalf for an improved quality of life.

* PROVIDE PERSONAL SUPPORT to offer hope and real solutions to the life-altering challenges faced by people with fibromyalgia, and their caregivers.

* CREATE AN ONGOING MEDIA PRESENCE that raises awareness, communicates facts, and changes perceptions about fibromyalgia.

* PROMOTE PROGRAMS that will result in continuing medical education to help health care pro…

Pictures of the Airlie Center where the NFA's ILAP 2008 training was held

It was all quite wonderful and I'll write more about it when I've gotten organized and recovered from the whirlwind trip.

Guest Post: " Paul Whitcomb - Friend or Foe"

For a list of other blog posts on The ICIE about Paul Whitcomb, D.C., go here.

The following is a great article by the author of the Fibro Friends website, who is also a former patient of Paul Whitcomb's. Got 'cher first hand experience right here:

Anyone who has met Paul Whitcomb will attest to his charismatic personality. A big bear of a guy with a warm and friendly manner he comes across as very sincere. Fibromyalgia patients travel from all over the country and the world to be treated by Whitcomb at his chiropractic clinic in South Lake Tahoe, California attracted by the compelling stories of the success of his method described in his traveling seminar, the website and in his book “Fibromyalgia; Finally Solving the Mystery”. At the clinic Dr. Whitcomb makes each of his patients feel special and cared for. He is an attentive listener, exudes compassion and has a good understanding of the symptoms and suffering of those with fibromyalgia. This coupled with…

NFA's International Leaders Against Pain: Priceless!!!

Just a note to tell you it's all been worth it many times over. Today is the last day of ILAP 2008. As soon as I get home I'll tell you more about it and I've got bunches of pictures of the fantastic conference facility where it was held. So, to be continued...

Blogging from the Atlanta International Airport

Well, I'm sitting here by the gate waiting for my 4 p.m flight to Dulles International in Washington, D.C. where I will then be whisked away by van (hopefully - if I miss the van and have to take a taxi it will cost @ $120) to the Airlie Center for the NFA's International Leaders Against Pain media and advocacy training.

My connecting flight to Atlanta was HORRIBLE. There was a sour smell to the air coming from overhead, I'm pretty sure the man next to me was passing gas, it was hot and it was cramped. The only good thing was that it was only a 38 minute flight.

I don't really have anything to say - I just wanted to put a post up from the airport because I CAN - except that my suitcase weighted 10.5 pounds over the 50 pound limit so I had to pay $80 because there's nothing in there that I can't do without!!! Three days of business casual attire plus a couple of comfortable outfits and the absolute necessities of my life for a four day and four night stay and on…

First details about National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week now available

National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is held annually in September, and is a worldwide effort to bring together people who live with invisible chronic illness, and those who love them. This year it's September 8-14, 2008.

Planning of four telephone seminars Sept 8-12 (M-F) where you can call in to listen and talk to the presenter are currently in the process.

Last year I was a presenter. My topic was "Blogging About Your Illness." It was a great experience, and there was a whole lot of worthwhile information available at the other presentations. I'll keep you posted on updates for this year's events as they develop.

Love the new logo, Lisa!

FINALLY - Sleep Study Results!

Here it is, the much awaited Sleep Study. Sorry to take SOOOO long, Aviva. Some technical difficulties way too boring to go into, but mostly my own procrastination.

First, in case anyone wants or needs a refresher on the first two parts of this post -

Part One: Sleep Study Last Night

Part Two: Chronic Monday: Sleep (Not!) - Some practical help in overcoming sleep disorders

And without further ado...

Click on the picture for the jumbo view.

First, for the sake of comparison, this is a nice chart of how the sleep cycle is supposed to go:

In Stage 1 sleep the brain transitions from alpha waves (waking) to theta waves (drowsy) and conscious awareness lowers. During Stage 2 or light sleep, muscular tone/activity lowers and conscious awareness disappears. It normally accounts for 45% to 55% of total sleep and is followed by delta waves, stage 3 slow-wave sleep and stage 4 deepest slow wave sleep.

Go here for another good description of the stages.

My sleep study showed that I never EVER went into…