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Add yourself to the ME/CFS & FM World Map - help build a picture of the global ME/CFS and FM community and see whether there are any "hotspots"

Put Yourself on the ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia World Map

The website and blog that go along with the map seem to have some useful information. For instance, I had not heard that Annette Whittemore, who founded The Whittemore Peterson Institute (the private not-for-profit research organization that found the presence XMRV in blood samples from a high percentage of Chronic Fatigue (ME/CFS) patients and in small number of Fibromyalgia samples), has a daughter who suffers from ME.

Catching up

I haven't posted much to the blog lately; I was able to spend Thanksgiving with relatives in Tampa, FL and when I got back I was of course exhausted and unable to do anything beyond my mountain of laundry, for a whole week. Then the doctor's follow up appointments started. I'm stating here and now for the record that from 2010 forward, I will not schedule any medical appointments in November or December. Those months are on for family and other, more spiritual pursuits.

From Cousin David's orchard, Temple Terrace, Florida

Thanksgiving Day 2009

Adding to the overload, in early November I had a referral appointment to a neurologist in Atlanta. I had to travel three hours and stay overnight in a motel for this one. The referral was from my rheumatologist because of the results of an MRI he ordered to rule out the possibility of a pituitary tumor. It showed no tumor but some possible abnormality/atrophy to a couple of important lobes of my brain.

I went to Atlanta to the Em…