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Bloggers Unite for People with Disabilities: Accessible Blogs

Well, I didn't make the 7/24/2010 deadline for this round of Bloggers Unite; I was going to find out how to make my blogs accessible to all. Silly me, I though this would be a no-big-deal kind of thing to do. Wrong.

I should really learn to research these things BEFORE I make commitments about doing them. I'm living and learning, and although I'm late for the event, I wanted to at least report back what I found out.

First I went to WAVE, a Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool that I found on the Blogger's Unite for People with Disabilities page, and plugged my blog's address in. That told me everything that was wrong with my blog regarding accessibility. And that's all. No clue as to how to fix it. Or if there are any clues, I'm too clueless to pick up on them.

So I went back to the Bloggers Unite for People with Disabilities page and put in this comment:

Any hints on how to make a site/blog 100% accessible?16 days ago by: sherrillynn I'm going to …

Bloggers Unite for People with Disabilities

From the good folks at BlogCatalog, another great blogging event:

From the email I received notifying me of the event: Dear Fellow Blogger, As bloggers, you and I have the unprecedented ability to raise awareness about important issues by simply posting about them. When we act on behalf of a cause and then write about it, we dramatically increase the positive impact we can have on the world.Today, I am asking you to take action on behalf of all the people around the world living with a disability. Just like those of us who are able-bodied, they simply want to live a happy and productive life. Help us eliminate the barriers to participation and the prejudices they face every day by taking a simple action. You can donate to an organization that supports people with disabilities, sign an online petition asking for equal access, make your blog 100% accessible. Then write about it. Tell others how important it is to make all the opportunities our world has to offer accessible to e…