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For Thyroid Awareness Month: Check out this Today Show excerpt where the conventional Dr. accuses cutting edge thyroid practitioners of charlotry

Today Show excerpt on 1/28/10 in which conventional endocrinologist Dr. Peter Singer basically describes integrative thyroid expert Dr. Kent Holtof's treatment as "laying on of hands."
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyMy current favorite thyroid site is Stop the Thyroid Madness. It's by Janie Bowthorpe, thyroid patient activist. The only advertising on the site is for her book of the same title. It's my favorite because she tells it like it is without mincing words, as evidenced by her take on the above Today Show excerpt, Endocrinologists and the loony tune TSH lab test.

Mary Shomon's Thyroid Disease Blog runs a close second for my favorite thyroid site. Here's her take on the Today Show excerpt.

Kudos to both of these women for getting excellent posts up immediately after the Today Show excerpt ran.

On my own thyroid situation, I have Hashimoto's disease. It would probably still be undiagnosed if not…

Fractured Ankle

Sorry to be so long in posting again, but I have a good excuse. After arriving home from the Christmas Eve candlelight service, I was turning from the bathroom sink and the traction on my right Dansko Professional Stapled clog (that I blogged and bragged about when I got them last year) was so good that that foot didn't turn with the rest of me. Now this all happened in the blink of an eye, but this is what I think happened. When my brain realized that the foot hadn't turned to the left with the rest of the body (because of the pain it caused!), the body snapped back around to the right and the right ankle rolled to the outside and I went down, trying in vain to catch myself on the sink vanity. I heard or felt a snap that I hoped was the outside ankle bone/bump hitting the floor. On the way down I believe I started cussing like a sailor. I tend to do that in certain situations.

I thought I was alone in the house, but my Dear Nephew had come in from somewhere and was right…