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The Social Security Administration does not like negative publicity

I blogged about my Social Security Disability case back in November. As that post is now in my top ten most popular, and I am still waiting for the answer to my appeal to the Hearing Decision, I thought I would run these little tidbits.  The first is from a group called the Social Security Disability Coalition:
"It is very important to tell all the media outlets you can (newspapers, TV, radio) about your problems with the Social Security Disability process, the Social Security Disability Reform Petition, The Fullerton - Edwards Social Security Disability Reform Act, and the Social Security Disability Coalition.  This way they will see how widespread these problems are and that you are not the only one going through this.  Also keep in mind that under Social Security Policy DI 23020.005 - One of the criteria for Critical Cases are those with adverse public relations potential.  When the SSA becomes aware of a critical case situation, it is supposed to complete all actions …