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For the one year anniversary of my endo excision surgery...

... I shall share with you this wonderful post about a surgery very similar to mine that happened this month.  But it's from the perspective of the waiting room, by Erin's friend, Marissa.  I'd say she's a very good friend.  The post is hilarious AND it made me cry.  It's great.  Sigh.
Putting the ME in EndoMEtriosis-Part 1,  on Erin's Guide to Living Blog
If you've read my blog at all, you know I like to put pictures in my posts.  This is a word picture, but I think it goes.

Erin & Marissa, I hope you're new online friends.  And to all of you out there that I've met online (NOT just Facebook!) since I started blogging in 2007, I'm really, really thankful for you.  Especially since I moved in 2011 and had less than a year to make face to face friends in my new city before I had to start figuring what was wrong with me this time.  It's been a long hard road and I'm not at the end of it yet.  But I know all of you virtual buddies will be …