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The power of art to distract, if not to heal: Samantha Kira of Journal Girl


"Done in an arm chair, with scissors, double-sided tape, and watercolor crayons."

By Samantha Kira of Journal Girl.

You can help Dr. Barrett

Dr. Stephen Barrett was instrumental in helping to get Paul Whitcomb's chiropractic license revoked (see sidebar for my collection of posts concerning Whitcomb; all ICI Whitcomb posts are here). Dr. Barrett's Quackwatch site is one of my top two to go to when I suspect quackery. If the practitioner isn't mentioned on Quackwatch, I run the site on The Quackometer. But that one is for a different blog post.

Practitioners who are mentioned on Quackwatch sometimes retaliate to the facts written about themselves there by resorting to smear campaigns and even frivolous lawsuits against Dr. Barrett. I'm still getting crazy comments on my posts that mention Dr. Barrett and I haven't even written anything about him since August of last year, so I can only imagine the kind of stuff he gets.

I got this from the Quackwatch Consumer Health Digest weekly e-newsletter: Issue #09-45, November 4, 2009 Please Help Quackwatch and Dr. Barrett

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