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Bloggers Unite for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May 12, 2011

Update as of 5/13/11:  
I was out of town for three days; when I returned on 5/11 I discovered that my FM Awareness Day Bloggers Unite Event was no longer accessible.  When I left it was in "Accepted" status and when I returned it was in "Declined" status.

This is my best guess as to what happened.  An anonymous blogger organized a FM Awareness Day Bloggers Unite Event in 2009.  She disappeared after that event and there was no event in 2010.  I could not find any way to contact the person who did the event in 2009 to ask her about it so I applied for a new FMAD event with BU in my own name and was accepted.  At some point after my event was accepted, the original person came back and reactivated her 2009 FM Awareness Day Bloggers Unite Event for 2011.  For awhile both events by different people were online at the same time but now my event has been "declined" and is no longer accessible.

My guess is that there can only be one event per topic an…