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What's a Polka Dot Gal, anyway?

Well, it started with the logo of the Fibromyalgia Association UK.

She's a gal and she seems to have polka dots on her.

Those of us with Fibromyalgia recognize it as a diagram of FM tender points.

Polka Dot Gals is also a UK organization dedicated to raising awareness of Fibromyalgia within the press and the media, and they're in the process of a great calendar fundraiser. I've got my calendar and it's wonderful! It's very artistically done and of excellent quality. They got the idea to do this calendar as a fundraiser from the original Calendar Girls of Yorkshire, on whom a movie of the same name was based.

Bianca Embley is the founder and Director of Polka Dot Gals, and I had the opportunity to meet with her at ILAP 2008 (which I haven't NEARLY gotten started writing about, what with my additional diagnoses and medical treatment making me sicker than I was in the first place, but I will, I promise!). She is a charming and gracious young lady. Funny, smart, w…