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Update: Intro, and Book Review Part A, Fibromyalgia Mystery Still Unsolved, or The Debunking of the Fibromyalgia Relief Centers and Paul Whitcomb, DC

This post was originally published on 4/5/08. I was just responding to recent a comment to it and decided to check its links. I saw that there is at least one important dead link, so I'm updating the post and re-publishing it.

The Whitcomb series have been ever popular on my blog (check the sidebar for titles and links to all of them). I was just checking the stats for this particular post on, and I see that someone has visited it 212 times. That seems a little odd to me. Anyone have any ideas for me on that?

Anyway, on with the update. Any changes I've made are in green italics.

"Silence is fraud's best friend. Word of mouth is fraud's worst enemy. Pass the word!" Fraud Aid

Let me say this first and foremost: There is no cure for Fibromyalgia. If there were a cure for Fibromyalgia I would know about it.

There. Is. No. Cure.

Why, you might ask, am I doing this? I'm really tired of Dr. Whitcomb's holdings (book, website) coming up w…

Train Station Dance; shades of The Sound of Music!

Just had to share this -