For Thyroid Awareness Month: Check out this Today Show excerpt where the conventional Dr. accuses cutting edge thyroid practitioners of charlotry

Today Show excerpt on 1/28/10 in which conventional endocrinologist Dr. Peter Singer basically describes integrative thyroid expert Dr. Kent Holtof's treatment as "laying on of hands."

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My current favorite thyroid site is Stop the Thyroid Madness. It's by Janie Bowthorpe, thyroid patient activist. The only advertising on the site is for her book of the same title. It's my favorite because she tells it like it is without mincing words, as evidenced by her take on the above Today Show excerpt, Endocrinologists and the loony tune TSH lab test.

Mary Shomon's Thyroid Disease Blog runs a close second for my favorite thyroid site. Here's her take on the Today Show excerpt.

Kudos to both of these women for getting excellent posts up immediately after the Today Show excerpt ran.

On my own thyroid situation, I have Hashimoto's disease. It would probably still be undiagnosed if not for the fact that in 2008 I went into my rheumatologist's office with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's book From Fatigued to Fantastic and the printout of my treatment protocol results from his Symptom Analysis Program and strongly requested that all of the suggested testing in that printout be done.

A year and a half later, my thyroid is still not balanced. They got me started on the right road at the Fibro and Fatigue Center in Atlanta; I take a compounded mix of time-release T3, and T4. Then I found a local doc who knows about the more cutting edge stuff and who has been working with me on it for quite awhile now. I am slowly but surely educating myself; it's probable that my adrenals are exhausted and this problem will have to be addressed before my thyroid will ever get right. My next step will be to keep a metabolic temperature graph according to Dr. Rind's method. He even has an Excel spreadsheet that you can download to keep track of it all. Many thanks to STTM for turning me on to this site.

Ending on a lighter note, from Janie's STTM Facebook Photos page, check out Barbie at age 50: "She got FAT! Nope, she hasn't been overeating or not exercising. She's been on SYNTHROID!!"


  1. That photo is hilarious. My thyroid was treated with radioactive iodine therapy about 4 years ago but somehow I'm still (thankfully) balanced and don't need any drug treatment just yet.

  2. I have hyper thyroidism what do you know about that?
    Help Tammy

  3. Hi Tammy,

    I don't know anything about hyperthyroidism; my thyroid problems manifest as hypothyroidism.

    As I mentioned in this post, my favorite thyroid site is Stop the Thyroid Madness - There's a wealth of info on that site about all kinds of thyroid issues. Good luck!

  4. My Doctor prescribes me with T4 medications, i have been taking this for almost a year now and still it made no improvements. So i decided to take desiccated porcine tablets , and just a few months i can really feel my energy coming back, and now i no longer feel so tired like used to.


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