Fractured Ankle

Sorry to be so long in posting again, but I have a good excuse. After arriving home from the Christmas Eve candlelight service, I was turning from the bathroom sink and the traction on my right Dansko Professional Stapled clog (that I blogged and bragged about when I got them last year) was so good that that foot didn't turn with the rest of me. Now this all happened in the blink of an eye, but this is what I think happened. When my brain realized that the foot hadn't turned to the left with the rest of the body (because of the pain it caused!), the body snapped back around to the right and the right ankle rolled to the outside and I went down, trying in vain to catch myself on the sink vanity. I heard or felt a snap that I hoped was the outside ankle bone/bump hitting the floor. On the way down I believe I started cussing like a sailor. I tend to do that in certain situations.

I thought I was alone in the house, but my Dear Nephew had come in from somewhere and was right there asking if I was all right. I was feeling the ankle and my face became wet with tears but I didn't feel any bones sticking out so we eventually decided I should get up off the bathroom floor.

This is a couple of hours after The Fall, in spite of ice and elevation.

This is a couple of days later.

I kept seeing the Dansko ad above and it started to irritate me, so I brought it into my post as a way of beginning the process of forgiving my shoes. Ridiculous, I know. And yes, it has occurred to me that my own ankle/leg strength (or lack of) might have had something to do with what happened... but I like blaming the shoe better.

I continued the ice and elevation and stayed off it as much as possible, and waited until Monday 12/28 to call my doctor's office. Both my PCP and my rheumatologist were taking the week off. So there was nothing to do but make a trip to the ER. I lucked out and arrived when no one else was waiting. There was a long line of sick looking people waiting by the time I was taken back. Long story short, $982.30 (so far) later (including $21.30 for four Percoset the PA "gave" me so I could see if I have an allergic reaction to them like I do to most other pain meds that actually work) I was told my ankle was fractured, given a splint ($64.00) and a referral to an orthopedic doc. RE: the Percoset, one pill=extreme itching=Percocet is now on my "do not take" list.

This is now. The Boot, aka the air cast. It pumps up to hold the ankle secure.

I'm trying to figure out what purpose it's meant that I should use this time for, since my already curtailed activities have had to be pared down even more. It's my driving foot that's hurt so I'm a passenger. When things settled down I realized my right shoulder where I tried to catch myself as I fell also has something pulled that's painful when I try to do things like shampoo my hair.

I am going to stop with the after Christmas sales via the internet and spend time meditating on finding something productive to do in the forced down time, using

our winter view from the deck.


  1. LOL. I agree. Blame the shoes. I love the fact you have the ad next to your broken ankle. Hey we all have enough problems without blaming ourselves. Get better soon. :-)

  2. Wow! So sorry this happened to you!

    FWIW, I have the same (or very similar) boot from when I fell down the stairs carrying my then-infant daughter. She never touched the ground, thankfully, but I broke my big toe on my right foot.

    I did think it was pretty cool to be able to "pump it up" to get just the right fit/support. :-)

    Hope your poor ankle is feeling way better very soon. Swift healing!

  3. Yep, the boot is cool. I feel very "safe" in it. Thanks, Aviva for the well wishes. I do believe all these positive thoughts and prayers are helping and healing.

  4. Woe your ankle looks pretty bad. Just take good care and be careful next time. Get well soon. :)

  5. Does having "the Boot" mean your ankle is fractured or even Broken???......
    Get well soon

  6. My ankle was fractured; an avulsion of the fibula to be exact. This was over two years ago so it's much better now, but thank you very much!


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