ILAP 2008 - The Pledge to Care

I don't really know where to start with writing about the International Leaders Against Pain program that I attended this month. So I'm just going to jump in there and start with the "Leader's Pledge to Care".

We made this pledge on the last night of the program. It is a blueprint, if you will, of what I need to do, the directions I need to take, in leading the push for awareness and treatment of Fibromyalgia.

Leader's Pledge to Care

We pledge to partner with the NFA to:

* BE THE VOICE of millions of people suffering with fibromyalgia, and to actively advocate on their behalf for an improved quality of life.

* PROVIDE PERSONAL SUPPORT to offer hope and real solutions to the life-altering challenges faced by people with fibromyalgia, and their caregivers.

* CREATE AN ONGOING MEDIA PRESENCE that raises awareness, communicates facts, and changes perceptions about fibromyalgia.

* PROMOTE PROGRAMS that will result in continuing medical education to help health care providers diagnose and treat fibromyalgia patients.

* REPRESENT AND HELP EMPOWER INDIVIDUALS with fibromyalgia in order to improve the quality of health care and access to treatment options, no matter the patients' circumstances.

There are also three other parts of the NFA's Pledge to Care:

Family and Friends’ Pledge to Care

Healthcare Providers’ Pledge to Care

NFA’s Pledge to Care. The entire staff of the NFA stood in front of us that night and read this. I was quite moved.

How about taking your part of the pledge now?

Those who fill out the pledge form will have their first initial, last name, state and country listed on the NFA's online “We Care” page, along with name(s) of the individual(s) they are honoring.

Click below:

To complete the Pledge to Care form.

To view the “We Care” page.


  1. Sherril,

    What a great post!! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. As a fibromyalgia patient who has many fellow fibromyalgia patients in my local endometriosis support group, I really appreciated learning about this!

    I did the NFA 'Pledge to Care', put the NFA widget in my sidebar, and wrote a quick post informing my endometriosis & chronic illness blog readers about it (with a linkback to you, of course)!

    Thank you for sharing this important information! :)


  2. Thank YOU, Jeanne, for all you do!


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