Blogging from the Atlanta International Airport

Well, I'm sitting here by the gate waiting for my 4 p.m flight to Dulles International in Washington, D.C. where I will then be whisked away by van (hopefully - if I miss the van and have to take a taxi it will cost @ $120) to the Airlie Center for the NFA's International Leaders Against Pain media and advocacy training.

My connecting flight to Atlanta was HORRIBLE. There was a sour smell to the air coming from overhead, I'm pretty sure the man next to me was passing gas, it was hot and it was cramped. The only good thing was that it was only a 38 minute flight.

I don't really have anything to say - I just wanted to put a post up from the airport because I CAN - except that my suitcase weighted 10.5 pounds over the 50 pound limit so I had to pay $80 because there's nothing in there that I can't do without!!! Three days of business casual attire plus a couple of comfortable outfits and the absolute necessities of my life for a four day and four night stay and one sixty pound bag is doing really good for me. I did forget to pack my thing that I have to wear in my mouth at night because of the TMJD/grinding, and I'm going to be paying for that for awhile with tooth pain.

You are only allowed to check one bag for free with Delta now. If I had brought two smaller bags it would only have cost me $50 to check the second one. I'll have to let you know when this is all over if it was worth not having to hassle with two bags, for $60 total. I've been dreaming about this whole sequence of events since the beginning of last week, and not in a good way. I've dragged these bags all over the world in my subconscious, and I've been through the whole event and only gave one business card away even though I printed up a hundred. Anyway, this scholarship deal is getting pretty expensive already... monetarily as well as physically/emotionally. Hope it's worth it.

My neck and shoulder are giving me a lot of grief already and I forgot to bring my wonderful squishy neck pillow that I always use at home when sitting and lying down so I bought one here at the airport. They're everywhere. They work.

I wish I could send a picture with my cell phone like Dr. Happy has been doing, but I haven't figured that out yet. I'm going to take another look at it while I'm sitting here people-watching.



  1. Sherril,

    I'm sorry to hear about your travel troubles! Hopefully you have the worst behind you and things will start to improve. Hang in there! :)



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