Day 12: Stream of Consciousness Day.

OK.  Here goes.  12:07 pm

Today I looked in the mirror and thought I knew HAWMC was going to be difficult this week because I have something extra and major to do every day this week.  So here it is Thursday and I have nothing prepared for today.  At all.  Maybe I should just try to get to Day 15 and stop there.  I have so many other things going on.  Doctors appointments, lab work appointments, trying to get the reason for these daily headaches diagnosed, dental appointments, my teeth are falling apart again - four crowns have to be re-done but I just finished #3 yesterday.  I also have a major special project I'm working on, I guess you could say consulting on, for a local non-profit.  But I made the commitment to try to post every day this month long before I took on the special project assignment.  And one of the reasons I wanted to this HAWMC is so I can get better at writing posts that are shorter and don't take so long to produce.  That's never going to happen if I don't PRACTICE.

Truth be told one of the things that's weighing heavily on me is the MRI that I traveled over an hour on Monday to have done.  That was enough in itself to put me in a tizzy, but they got the results to my doctor THE NEXT DAY and his office called and told me the results and said 'So you can talk to the Dr. about it when you come in for your follow up appointment.'  That's never happened before.  They told me that the white matter in my brain is changing.  So of course I Binged the phrase "changing white matter" and only allowed myself to look at one page of results to get a general idea of what they're talking about and now I have to wait until late next week to talk to the Dr. about it.  Every day that weighs a little more heavily on my mind.

12:22 pm - Stop!



  1. It was really hard to do this post, to just write it and not check anything before publishing, but I think it worked. And it only took 15 minutes!


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