First Visit to HealthInfo Island in Second Life Very Educational - And Fun Too!

HealthInfo Island on Second Life

Yesterday I visited HealthInfo Island in Second Life for the first time. I teleported down close to the beginning of the Path of Support, then I meandered down the path, which is a line of billboards of the over 60 different support groups found in Second Life so far.

A couple I found memorable are the board for the Online Schizophrenic Hallucination Demo (I'm going to have to try that) and of course the Fibromyalgia Support, but there is also a Neurological Disorders Research and Support Committee founded by Maria Mouroutsos.

This is the first, and only SL group for neurological disorders, for those who have them, and for friends and family that want to learn. This group shares research information, tips on how to cope with some of the strange, and rheumotological effects, like fibromyalgia, and also to just share funny things, to help ease a little bit of the frustration.
This is also the first time I've actually felt like fibromyalgia might be in the right classification. I joined this group.

All I did was wander around outside. Never even made to any of the buildings. The Alzheimer's group had a wonderful display. I'll blog that one another day. Let me just close by saying that this is a new medium that just might be able to help people even more than the internet has, to take control of their own health care. Words like responsibility and empowerment are flying around in the sky out there on HealthInfo Island, and I think there might actually be something to them...

The language of health care IS different from what we know. Don't be afraid to ask for a translation.

Here's my avatar Vera Jewell wearing the freebie forget-me-not pin that I got on HealthInfo Island.

And here I am with my freebie medical stick that I could have worn as a pin but I chose to carry as a sword. You never know.


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