NaBloPoMo 2007: I Blogged for Seven Days in a Row

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So I won't have that lousy sense of accomplishment from completing the NaBloPoMo challenge. I've gone the way of my predecessor with FM who tried to blog for a month, The Princess of the Business World and Fibromyalgia. I gave it up in favor of my health.

Here are some nuggets from The Princess:

"Blogging more was just that, more. It wasn’t better, it wasn’t really helpful. I pushed myself to the brink."

"This experiment also could’ve been entitled “how to take all of the fun out of blogging & turn it into a very stressful environment”. I burnt out. I started hating blogging."

"I did discover that I’m on the right track with how & why I work. Le sigh."

So she didn't really fail, she discovered she was on the right track before this particular experiment.

I suppose I could say the same. I was on the right track before I discovered that blogging every day won't work for me right now. But I also discovered a few things while I was blogging every day, even though I only did it for seven days. I discovered that maybe doing my regular Chronic Monday post, then some short follow up posts on the same subject during the rest of the week might be a good way for me to go. I'm going to try it sometimes.

I also had several Aha! Moments while I was posting every day; one was on gratitude and chronic illness and the other was on the healing power of art. I think I'll need the rest of the year just to follow up on them. On the one hand I got my old draft posts cleaned out, on the other hand I created so many more with all of the ideas I was having during that week that I probably have twice as many drafts now as I did before.

I don't suppose I carried on with the daily posts for long enough for the stats to really mean anything, but on average I had the same number of readers, new and returning, that I had during the three weeks preceding the NaBloPoMo week.

All in all I'm quite pleased with how things turned out, and I hope to participate in NaBloPoMo again next year and have a little more stamina than I did this year because of all the good habits I'm going to have continued to develop by then.

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  1. Hi,

    I understand how you feel. I started not to post anything today, but then I thought about my dear friend who wrote to me recently. She is so depressed and I actually helped her by answering her questions on one of my blog posts. So, I felt guilty and just wrote up another post for today. Who knows how long I will be able to keep this up. I just know how difficult it can be for people like us. I guess I am testing myself out. It does remind me that I cannot hold a job down.:(

    Take care and I hope it was a good experience for you.

    Your friend,



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