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One of the reasons I started to write this blog was to keep friends and family informed of my status. It's turned into so much more, I've kind of neglected writing about where I'm at. So I've decided that once a month, on the first Wednesday, I'll post an update on me.

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I've missed the first Wednesday this month, so I'll just mention the big thing that's happened is I got the denial of my application for Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. This was the expected outcome of the application. Now I will get a lawyer and appeal the denial decision. I was thinking of using a lawyer I found on the internet who is based in Atlanta. They would have started my case before the denial came through. Since I have the denial now, I'm going to check out a local lawyer who is recommended by a fellow fibromite, whose opinion I respect very much. Maybe with the local lawyer I won't have to fill out all the paperwork the Atlanta lawyer wants me to fill out.

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Next update: Wednesday November 6, aka Election Day.


  1. My mother in law got denied her first time submitting her application as well. She got a lawyer and appealed and eventually she got approved. The whole process took quite awhile, maybe 2 or more years. But once she got it, it was a real blessing in her life. Best of luck.

  2. Thank you, Aimee. I'm prepared for the SS approval process to be a long haul. Scott Davis is a lawyer who specializes in disability claims involving chronic pain and chronic fatigue disability cases (http://www.scottdavispc.com/). He spoke at the Nationa Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week Conference, and he said the SS system is more backed up now than it's ever been, and he thinks it's because the government is scrambling to get the money to pay for the war. Ugh.


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