Leave Your Disability Behind in the Virtual Reality of Second Life

I said this was going to be a fun post so that's what it will be. I'm not going to put any quotes or statistics in about how good Second Life is for people with chronic illness, even though it is. Just fun stuff. For now.

My name in SL is Verna Jewell. My grandmother's name was Verna and I had to pick a last name from a list provided to me by SL when I first signed up. This picture is Verna, v. 1.0.

I'm into fashion and always have been. There's lots of it in SL. I might even be able to design some myself when I'm figure out how to do it...

You can buy or design your own: Tattoos, skins, gestures, hair, eyes, accessories, clothing, furniture, houses... whatever you can think of.

And there are even art galleries. The artists actually sell virtual and/or real life art.

Tonight, Wednesday 10/24, a character from an episode of CSI NY will escape into Second Life, with Second Life residents taking part in the "investigation." This story will carry on into sometime in 2008. Anthony Zuiker, creator of CSI himself logs in to Second Life every day and is working to create a "multimedia, virtual crime lab." According to Zuiker "You’ll now be able to actually solve one crime per month, like a real investigator." Here's a clip from the show tonight.

You can now watch Eqisode 405, Down Rabbit Hole, in its entirety.

I forgot to mention that everyone can fly in SL. Too cool, huh?

Go here to get started on YOUR Second Life.


  1. Very cool! My SL name is Aysu Nishi. Hope to see you there :)


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