Special Notice: Dr. Teitelbaum Offering "Short Program" for FREE for a Limited Time

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is a leading practitioner of complementary medicine (a combination of traditional and alternative) in the treatment of FM & CFS/ME. I've been waiting months for his site to finish being redesigned so I could do this program. And I was going to pay full price. I figured it would be cheaper than actually going to the doctor, if I could even find a Dr. who know what to do, out here is backwoods southern Georgia where I live. The short program is normally $88.


Short Questionnaire

What is it?

For a Limited time we will be offering our short program for free. You will need to go through the checkout process and use the following code in the "discount code" box. This discount code 6HAJ7B9QTVDG will allow you access to the program. This promotion will run from October 2007 through February 29, 2008. A credit card will be needed to create your account but the discount code will make the total zero.

The Short Program is a simplified questionnaire that takes only 20-30minutes to fill out. It will determine which treatments are most likely to help you and supply detailed treatment instructions, but will not create a complete medical record of your case for your physician or evaluate you for other medical problems.


  1. Its free everybody should try this, I did the short program after reading his new book very intresting, and have recently shared this info with my family doctor, and we are going to try this treatment for me its encoraging and makes a ton of sense

  2. Excellent! Thanks for reminding me I should get with it and get this done.


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