Special Notice: National Blog Posting Month is in November

I will do my best to participate. It should be good for me. And maybe for my readers. I will have to post shorter - much shorter. And I will see what that is like and if daily might be a better way for me to go.

The Randomizer is just an easy way to check out all the participants who are in NaBloPoMo. To be part of the Randomiser, make sure you're registered at the official website and have your Blog URL in your profile.

So: What is it?

It's NaBloPoMo, November, the month in which you post something to your blog every day, in accordance with the National Blog Posting Month challenge!

"Last year everybody just went for it, posting thirty days in a row and maybe hoping to win a prize in the random drawing. This year, for those of you who suspect you might run out of gas, maybe you'd like to try blogging on a theme. Follow a news story for the month; get deeper into an issue that you want to educate yourself about; keep us abreast of how your yoga practice / daily muffin-eating regime / matchstick Eiffel Tower is progressing.

Or simply use NaBloPoMo as a writing exercise, as an easier-to-accomplish alternative to the marathon that inspired it: National Novel Writing Month.

You can sign yourself up by clicking on the Members tab. Doing so will mean that all the other crazy people who are doing this will be able to find you and your blog.

The Forums tab will take you to a place where you can commiserate with other people who are loving NaBlo, hating NaBlo, tearing their hair out over NaBlo, or cheating by backdating their posts.

The Groups tab will help you find other likeminded individuals. I'm looking at you, knitting bloggers.

By the way, "every day" means Saturday and Sunday, too. Hence the above reference to "cheating." Not that you would.

You can do your posting here, you can do it on your blog, or you can cross-post in both places, it's completely up to you."

And there are prizes!

Sock Zombies are too cute:

one of several precious little "animals"

Cool baby stuff: A three-piece custom crib set, and three pillow-and-blanket sets for the runners up

And lots more! Prizes will be awarded randomly among those who meet the challenge and post every day all month.

Hmmm... looking at the length of this post, I'm wondering if I'm going to have a hard time shortening them up...


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