"Her Only Child" - Why does the nut-job character in this Lifetime Movie Network movie have to have with Fibromyalgia???

Like we don't already have enough stigma to deal with, movie people have to give their wackiest characters Fibromyalgia, and make them hypochondriacs too?

Here I am flipping through Sunday afternoon movies and this one on LMN called "Her Only Child" caught me because the daughter was saying if her mother wasn't complaining about her Fibromyalgia then it was her thyroid and if it wasn't that it was something else, and the daughter wondered how much of it was even real... sound familiar?

This movie is called "Maternal Obsession" on the producer's website. Oh yeah, the maniacal looking woman with the gun is the one with FM.

LILY (Nicholle Tom), 31, is an average woman with an average life. She's pretty, friendly, and does well at her job as a claims analyst for an insurance company. But there's one facet of Lily's life that just isn't normal-- her mother. A couple years ago, Lily moved back in with her mother INEZ (Gwynyth Walsh), 60, to help take care of her when she was sick. Now that she's there, Inez is not about to let her leave. Lonely and bitter after her own husband left her years ago, Inez feels that Lily is the only person she has left in the world and has tangled such a web of guilt and lies around Lily, the young woman is scared to leave. Inez does everything she can even going to extremes to sabotage any relationship Lily tries to have especially with men. Unfortunately for Inez, Lily begins dating a guy at work, LARRY (Cameron Daddo), 40, who is seemingly perfect for her. Fearing her daughter will soon leave to 'have her own life,' Inez realizes she must pull out the big guns to make sure Lily and Larry never end up together.
OK, it's just another hokey Lifetime movie and I wouldn't even have watched it if FM hadn't been mentioned, but geez it's just so frustrating sometimes!


  1. This movie was so bad, it was genius. I watched it twice in a row. That mom is so cra cra... Loves It..

  2. I'm watching this ridic movie now.


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