More on Blogher '08 in Second Life:

I've been getting ready for Blogher '08 in SL. I'm going to try to check out the remaining free CNN classes on citizen journalism (see below). And I've got all my bling -

my CNN cap,

my "Click To See My Blog" button (yep, you just click it and a small screen shot of that person's blog comes up on your screen),

and my Blogher '08 t-shirt.

Check these sites for the scoop on the CNN iReport thing going on in Second Life: iReport Trains BlogHers For Citizen Journalism and CNN SL iReports website.

For general info check the Blogher '08 in Second Life blog posts by Queen Tureaud.

The Community Blog is an excellent place to check out some of what goes on in SL, especially the FASHION.

I have my party dresses ready for the cocktail parties, too.

If you're a newbie to SL, go here to download the software and for all kinds of pertinent info. Blogher is also ready and willing to help you:
BlogHer '08 in Second Life is free, lets you see the keynotes live from San Francisco, and all you need to do is download Second Life and let the BlogHer team help get you comfortable in a virtual world.

Once you've registered, you can attend BlogHer Office Hours (listed below) at the CNN iReport Hub in Second Life and the team will help teach you how to walk, get dressed, and even raise a virtual toast.

A BlogHer team member will be on site during the office hours to assist you. If you are logged into Second Life you can automatically 'teleport' yourself to the location using the location link iReport Hub.

BlogHer in Second Life Office Hours: (all times Pacific)

Monday 10am-2pm
Wednesday 10am-2pm
Thursday 12-2pm 8pm-11pm
Sunday 4pm-6pm


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