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I've been googling Whitcomb regularly since I decided to write about him. (P. Whitcomb the D.C., not to be confused with the Paul Whitcomb who writes about Catholicism.) I keep seeing this item on the first Google page: dr paul whitcomb
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So I would go there and there would be nothing but four books, three of which were on FM but not by Whitcomb. So today I started a discussion in this Whitcomb community/forum, put my whole Part A book review in as a discussion post, and voted to remove the other three books because they have nothing to do with Whitcomb. More smoke screen from his followers would be my guess.

So we'll see what happens on that. At least it got an item with the truth in it into the first page of Google.


  1. I recently read various blogs that appear to be from the same person downplaying Dr. Paul Whitcomb's credentials and intentions. I am writing to counter these claims. I am a recent patient of Dr. Whitcomb's and can say that they gave me my life back! They've never claimed their method to be a cure, but I do believe they are the first to treat the cause and not the symptom. No drugs are involved!

    I am a 37 year old woman who's been suffering for about 5 years of Fibromyalgia. My body deteriorated rapidly within only 1 year. I went from Dancing professionally and training 6 days a week to being bedridden unable to breathe normally or move within just 1 year. Prior to coming to the clinic, I had been in extreme pain all over my body. My arms, legs and neck would hurt so much I would want to chop them off. I had debilitating migraines where I couldn't hold a conversation or concentrate. My breathing had also been compromised where I had to lay on my side on a couch. If I was in a bed and rolled the wrong way I would suffocate. The oxygen going throughout my body was minimal, so walking across the room was like running a marathon. I couldn't speak more than a few words without gasping for air in between. I had severe tremors throughout my entire body, so I was on heavy meds to keep them at bay. Eventually it got to a point where the meds weren't enough anymore and the chronic fatigue and pain got the best of me and had no quality of life. There were many mornings that I wished I wouldn't wake up anymore. The hospital was a common visit for me. My last trip there was the scariest and I felt horrible for my mother to see me in that severe a state. My entire body was tremoring for 24 hours straight and my airway was almost completely blocked. I was sent to the emergency room and hooked up to every machine. I was minutes away from a seizure according to hospital. My friends were all trying to find doctors to help me. I had been to Neurolgists, Neurosurgeons, Pain Management specialists, had 3 Neck MRIs, 2 Brain MRIs, Back MRI, Spinal Tap, CT Scan, etc. All reports coming back telling me there was nothing wrong. Finally, while I was in the hospital, my girlfriend stumbled upon Dr. Whitcomb's clinic by accident. She immediately went to their site and called them. It was the first place that made sense. It was the first time we encountered others with the same symptoms. I'm in New York and the Center is in California. We didn't even question the decision. I was on a flight within the month.

    My first adjustment by Dr. Whitcomb opened my airway and I felt a gush of oxygen rush to my brain. I was breathing normally for the first time in 2 years. After that I was then treated by Dr. Brady. After a few weeks my fog was gone. You can see it in my eyes. The layers of pain I felt would begin to peel away layer by layer. It does take time, patience and support. I received all of that at his clinic. Everyone is different and right away they will be honest and let you know if they feel you are in the right place. It is a treatment that is their own and therefore would not be wise to go home and have someone else treat you. You would undo all that you have been working on. As for the money, when you are that severe, why not try something that could help, especially if there's no medication involved. I not once felt as if they were there just to take my money. My treatment to get better was always their first priority. I've never met a more committed group of people who believe in what they are doing. As for Dr. Whitcomb, he is truly the most compassionate man and Doctor you will ever meet. Dont forget he had Fibro as well and I do believe that he was given this and then relieved of his pain to help the rest of us! I am not the only one who feels this way. He has given us our lives back and for each of us who are well, it's another proof that there is hope and to know there is something out there that works.

  2. Check out the first person accounts at

  3. I have just started with the Whitcomb protocol and have found major relief already.n fact more then I had expected by the end of the treatment program.

    I already feel like I got my life back. Can't wait to see the final product.

  4. To anyone else reading these comments: Patient testimonials are a far cry from evidence based medicine. I feel a blog post coming on about this common misconception...


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