Chronic Thursday: New FM Commercial

I'm going to try committing to post once a week instead of on Mondays. I've been behind for a couple of weeks now and maybe this will work better for me. And for you, too!

I saw the new commercial a couple of weeks ago, don't know what channel I was on, but what caught my attention was when they were saying "Would you believe me if I looked like I felt?" and as the camera moved, dark bruising appeared on her arms, then on her legs then, on her neck. It really REALLY hit home with me because over the years I've often tried to explain how FM feels by saying that when certain areas are touched, it feels like I have a really bad bruise there (at tender points), but in reality there is nothing visible.

Can we have a zoom on those bruises? Yah, that's getting there!

View the new commercial here. Click on View Commercial/Play Video in the lower right corner. I have a wait a couple of minutes for the whole thing to load or it doesn't play right or completely.

Speaking of FM commercials, while I was searching for this new one I came across a lot of reviews for the old one (the lady in the art class) and they were almost universally BAD. It really annoys a lot of people and I don't think it's doing near enough good to make up for that!



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