Chronic Monday (on Wednesday!): NFA announces 2008 National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day campaign, "Caring By Sharing"

There are three facets to
the NFA's Caring By Sharing Campaign:

The NFA has done a good job of getting the initial information out early this year. But in the Sharing Awareness program they're still saying "Check back soon for free materials, such as templates for press releases, facts about fibromyalgia and sound bites, to assist you in telling your story." It's getting late for people with FM to be getting started on this type of thing. Hope they'll get this stuff out soon...

They're also still saying "Hold a "Take the Fibromyalgia Pledge to Care" event (more information coming soon!)" in the Sharing Facts program. I don't know about you, but it's too late for me to be taking on anything of this magnitude now, a mere 60 days before the event...

I'm late with Chronic Monday this week because I've been busy packing stuff up to put in a U-Haul and take to a storage facility in the Savannah area. We're boxing up all our "clutter" and taking it to where we want to move once the house sells. We then plan to re-join our clutter by moving ourselves and the rest of our worldly goods to a new house. I'll probably be late with Chronic Monday next week too, same reason.


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