Well, it looks like the 2007 National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week was a great success. I decided kind of at the last minute to run up to Nashville, TN to see my nephew get sworn in to the Air Force during that week. So I participated from my hotel room, and I wasn't able to "see" any of the other presentations live because I was either hanging out with my bro and his family or putting in the driving time it took to get there and back. But most of the transcripts are already up!

Transcripts of all the presenters.

The transcript of my presentation, "Blogging About Your Illness".

Turned out I had too much information to share for my presentation. I only got through the first third. The good news is, it was because of "audience" participation that I didn't get through the rest of my information. Lots of people attended, and there were lots of questions when I finished the first section. I will be posting the other two parts of my presentation here on my blog, and Lisa Copen, the founder of NICIAW, has invited me to be a interviewed on the Rest Ministries podcast this fall or spring. I'll keep you posted on that.

My apologies to "cj_Encourage" who asked this question during the presentation: "Why blog? Especially given the risks?" My answer was a terse "Next sections" - because that's what the next sections are all about, and at that point I still thought I was going to be able to get to it all. While putting my presentation together I had visions of no one being in attendance, and I wanted to have plenty of info to fill up the time, and to be on the transcript for "posterity"! There were 26 people in the NICIAW room during my presentation, and I sure thank you all for being there! I'll get the other two sections of my presentation up this week.


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