NICIAW 2008--just keep it in the back of your mind for now...

Before you know it, it will time to start thinking about ICI Week for 2008.

If you want to put it on your calendar now... it's September 8-14, 2008.

How can you keep the momentum going?

I'll send out periodic blog posts about ideas and plans...

* Blog if you blog, write about it on you MySpace site, add it to your web page. Not sure what to write? Post one of our press releases and then just comment. Invisible illness is a topic that is timeless.

* Read your local papers, columnists, articles and more. Be sure to take note of what reporters tend to write about illness/pain/personal stories and contact them about your story and NICIAW. They may wish to do a story on you any time of the year, or put your story on the calendar for next September.

* If you see a great article on illness in your paper or a national magazine, be sure to write a letter to the editor.

* Add a signature file to your email any time. We have 9 versions or make up your own to fit any time of the year.

* Let your local support group leaders know about NICIAW by May so they can make plans early!

* Hand out brochures to friends, your doctors, your church, whomever! You can buy them or print them out here under "The General Postcard." We'll soon be updating it with the 2008 dates.

This could be helpful if you need to use handicap parking and your disibility is not visible--


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