The Best FM Site, According to Rheumatologists

"Fibromyalgia information and education from FM health professionals at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)"

The rheumys like this site the best because they say it's the most accurate.

I like this site because:

1. They have THE BEST information on exercise with FM. Don't let anybody tell you that you must start exercising aerobically immediately. That is a perscription for failure.

Always start your journey to fitness with a regular stretching program. The goal is to release some the muscle tightness which in turn will decrease the signals going to the brain. The next phase is to get the muscles stronger. After you are more flexible and stronger, you will be ready to begin aerobic or endurance activities.

2. They turned me on to the art of Frida Kahlo:

This self portrait is titled "La Columna Rota" (1944) (The Broken Column). It has been speculated that Frida had FM. Read about it here.


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