Words Can Be So Powerful

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This is What I Want To Be
(dedicated to sufferers of Fibromyalgia)

I live my life from days, to months, to years
I live my life in sorrow, in fear, in tears

For once in my life, this is what I want to be
Forever glad, forever jovial, forever joyous, forever happy

I have so many creative ideas in my heart and mind
My weakness within stalls my soul and the world leaves me behind

I have so many things that I want to do; want to say
But, the beast within holds my spirit captive; I can’t get away

I tire so easily; the fatigue is relentless
I can’t seem to do the dishes, sweep the floor or even get dressed

Because my heart is in pain; my body is in pain too
Doc says, “There is nothing wrong.” Are you sure this is true?

Take this pain away-tear it out from within me
For it keeps me down and low, I can’t be what I want to be

I want to be able to finish things that I start
I want to have supportive friends that love me from the heart

I want my husband to have the wife of our early years
I want my son to have a strong mother with no fears

I want to feel “normal” in the company of others
Not feel like a failure as a person, wife and mother

I want to enjoy the things that I used to do
I want to live my life to the fullest just like you

Now the question that I must ask, “is that possible for me?”
For these are the things that I really want to be

by Veronica E. Thomas
BellaOnline's Fibromyalgia and CFS Editor


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