RE: Matt & Stacey Say...

So my cousin Matt Johnson is a boat captain and eco tour guide in south Florida. Here's what he says about the Live Earth Concerts and the believability of the concept of global warming:
...And, if anyone has Sirius satellite radio there are three or more stations that will be covering events including some concerts world wide. The "Discovery" channel (#116, I think??) seems to be Live Earth central through the holiday weekend. No doubt about climate change for me... I've been working the Coastal Everglades for years, a place more tuned to sea and climate than most and there are changes happening, things that old timers have never seen or heard of. Subtle changes, not even note worthy to casual observer but changes still. Water (tide) levels, new plants appearing, old plants dying, weather patterns that have been the same every year for generations shifting, fish & crab movements, you name it! Yes all of this happens naturally with time, just seem to be in a bit of a hurry if you know what I mean. I hope I'm wrong but we are still selling our lot on the water, our "retirement home site" .

The Florida Everglades

I've thought of how this whole big global warming thing relates to my small blog here. It does. So I'm not really off topic. I'll write more about this later, probably Sunday. Right now I have a party to get ready for!


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