After Live Earth

I could not move without feeling pain somewhere (or everywhere) after our Live Earth Concert Watching Party (more on this FM phenomenon later). So I'm just now getting to continue this thread on the Live Earth events.

Our party went well. I think fun was had by all, good food was eaten, good drinks were drank, no one got drunk, and we learned a little bit about our environment too.

I think the whole concert organization and communication to the world (my part of it anyway) was and is phenomenal! Today, a mere four days after the event, we can point and click and apparently watch and listen to anything from the whole 24 hour world-wide event. Incredible.

Here are a few sites that look good from the "after" perspective:

Artist photos


Keith Urban featuring Alicia Keyes--just watch the first song, Gimme Shelter, and you'll get it. Need I say: TURN IT UP?

I was looking for what I call a "Jimi Hendrix - Woodstock - Star Spangled Banner" moment and John Mayer doing "Gravity" came as close as anything. But I haven't seen the whole thing yet so I reserve the right to change my mind.

Lest I be accused of discrimination on the basis of sex, next post I will use photos of all women. Also next post I'll explain the connection between this blog and Live Earth.

On the issue of whether or not global warming is happening, my brother Steve is apparently declining to comment by not commenting. Unusual for him. To not comment, that is. Steve is the person who coined the term "The Sky Is Falling Party" previously mentioned by me in this blog, to describe our Live Earth Concert Watching Party. This is the site Steve recommended to me on this subject awhile ago when I was first starting to look into the whole Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth book and movie: "Human-Caused Global Warming Slight So Far", from the Answers In Genesis website.

The Official Live Earth Blog pretty well sums it up. Take a look. And please
I want to you care, to combat climate change on a personal level, to sign the Live Earth Pledge, and to help to spread the word over the years to come.


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