Live Earth Concerts for a Climate in Crisis - July 7!, and DNS9 Headphone Microphone Comments

We're having a Live Earth Concert Viewing Party on the 7th and you should too!

Back on topic, this post is a continuation of my pre-purchase research of voice recognition software posts from 6/14/07 and 6/25/07.

Jenni, The ChronicBabe herself, has just started using DNS Preferred 9. I was asking her about the headset microphone.

I said:

Hi Jenni, Thanks for responding to my email and blog on VR software. I posted another on this subject today. Obviously, I'm at the very beginning of educating myself on the subject. Baby steps. While I'm not able to work and I'm waiting for my disability application to be approved I can't afford to waste a single penny so I've got to get this down before I purchase. Not that I ever could or will be able to afford to waste a single penny. ;-)

I'm just starting to research the headset microphone part of it. So the one that comes with the software, that they say is Nuance-approved and noise canceling, is not as good as one would want and need? I've been wondering about this, and wondering how to tackle it in the blog. Any enlightenment from you would be appreciated.

Jenni said:
well, i just found the headset that came with the software to be
uncomfortable - it gave me a headache. so i've tried a few different kinds before settling on one. you just need to try the one that came with it, and if you don't like it, then be willing to try a few options to find the best
match for you.

So I will take Jenni's advice, but I am already researching headset microphones because if anybody is going to be uncomfortable it's usually me. The whole fibro "Irritable Everything Syndrome" y'know ...

Discussion of headset microphones and Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software to be continued...


  1. Hey Sherril, thanks for including my feedback. A little additional info: I had a headset I loved, with excellent sound and microphone, but it gave me a headache - the ear covers pressed my eyeglasses too hard into my head. But for readers who don't wear glasses, I recommend the GT Netcom 503 SC. carries them. But the headset I settled on, which is comfy and has great sound, is the Altec Lansing AHS322. It's inexpensive, the cord is extra-long, the sound is great. Good luck!


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