I Trust the Thesaurus

I named this blog The Invisible Chronic Illness Experience at first. Then I looked up invisible in the thesaurus and I didn't like what I saw. One of the three major adjectives is "imaginary". As in nonexistent, impalpable, intangible, shadowy, and insubstantial. Definitely not the image we want to project. So then the best words I could come up with were unseen or concealed. "Concealed" is already being used (See www.writefaceforward.com or the book "Just Fine".) Unseen is simple and simple is beautiful. But I've already set up a website on "theiciexperience", In addition to this blog, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I guess for now I'm going to do nothing. The name of the website can't be changed. And I definitely feel they must match. So I'll wait and see what happens.


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