Yay, I'm Blogging!

This is a history of my blog/journal attempts prior to this one.

I started out at http://sherrillynn.greatestjournal.com/, as a record of the process I was going through in applying for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) in 2004. Then I was able to start working and the journal laid unused for a couple of years. I worked part time in 2004-2005, then got a full time job in July of 2005. This summer of 2006 I was terminated from the full time job which I really liked, because I was sick with invisible (or concealed) chronic illnesses.

Then I decided my blog should be a record of the claim I was filing on the discrimination of my employer on the basis of my disability. Then I (quite wisely) decided it probably wasn't too good to be posting stuff about my discrimination claim against my former employer, while the investigation was going on.

Now the blog is about what happened, what's happening, and how I deal with it. I'm trying to channel my feelings into something productive here, something that might even help others in similar situations.

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