Who Needs Sleep? (Bathroom Sessions)

Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies (one of Canada’s finest bands), singing “Who Needs Sleep?”

My Theme Song.

Sleep Disorder (as in I CAN'T sleep!) is a major component of FM. Although if you listen closely, Ed's main problem seems to be the lady he sleeps with--she's 300 degrees and he's freezing when she throws the sheets off. I totally relate, though, because I HAVE been awake since WW II. In the interest of full disclosure, I take prescription medication to help (read: MAKE) me sleep. So currently I don't feel that I've been awake since WW II very often. If my mom had anything to do with it I would, though. She's one of those lucky peeps who don't have much trouble sleeping, even though she's almost elderly now. It was suggested to me recently that those who don't experience insomnia just can't understand it. See http://www.cfssquared.com/2007/05/25/who-needs-sleep/. Anyway, Mom tell me to just go get in bed around 11 p.m. and lie there for at least an hour. Huh. Waste of a hour. Love you, Mom!


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