A survey about patient bloggers - for the ICIE's 4th anniversary

I started the ICIE blog on May 19, 2007.  I was recently told I was an "early adopter" in this respect (by Meredith Gould in the comments to her post Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and Why I Give A Hoot), and  I was wondering what kind of post to do to celebrate my blog's creation when I read about the Tufts University Medical School Patient Blogging Survey on Trish Torrey's about.com Patient Empowerment blog in the post Are you a patient?  Do you blog?  Survey Sez... 

(Of course that's bloggers who are medical patients, as opposed to bloggers who are cool, calm and collected.)

I took the survey, thought it was short and very interesting, and am looking forward to reading about the results.

The more respondents they have the more accurate the results.  If you have a patient blog please think about taking a few minutes to complete the survey:
"Lisa Gualtieri teaches health communications at Tufts University. She and her colleagues have put together a survey to learn more about patient bloggers, why they blog, what the results are, and more.  If you write a patient blog, and you complete their survey, you may be entered in a drawing for Amazon gift certificates, too (That is, if you choose to include your personal information, which is not a requirement.) Here's a link to the Tufts Patient Blogging Survey."
From Are you a patient? Do you blog? Survey Sez... by Trish Torrey


  1. Happy blogoversary, Sherril!

    I'll go take the survey right now.

    Your blog was one of the first that I found when I went looking for people like me after I got sick. Thanks for being there!!

  2. Thanks Aviva! I count you as one of my best virtual friends. BVF... did I just make that up or is it already a thing?

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