Working From Bed

Original publication date 7/8/08

9/25/08 Update: Ergoquest Recliner Workstations; Homemade Supine Workstation; Supine Zero Gravity Chair; Computing in Comfort

I do my computer work on a laptop from a very nice recliner because the time I can sit up at a regular workstation is very finite. It depends what my pain level is on the particular day. In trying it out so I can know what to tell the SSA, I've found that the time I can sit at a regular workstation decreases with each day in a row that I do it. In other words, the more I do it, the worse it gets.

I just use a tray with legs in the recliner, but it would be nice to have one of these Laptop Mount Boom Arm Workstation thingees.

Although I don't know if my mom would appreciate the aesthetics (or lack thereof) in the middle of her living room... she could probably live with it if it meant I could be gainfully employed again! So anybody out there got a job you'll pay me to do from home? I have looked into it, of course, and haven't found anything yet that I thought I could do, for one reason or another. And that leads into a whole different blog post.

Back to the Boom Arm Workstation. It can also be used from bed, if you can't even make it to the recliner:

EasyChair Workstation Starbase Series for LCD Flatscreen and Laptop

As long as I'm dreaming, how about this custom job with keyboard and mouse platform, copy holder and book basket?

And a table for miscellaneous accoutrements:

The EasyChairWorkstation website is excellent, although I would definitely recommend the use of voice recognition software, as opposed to trying to type from a completely horizontal position like some of the pictures show. (I'm going to try to get that VR software series done this month, by the way.)

I highly recommend that you bookmark this site, at the very least.

Yummy food pic of the day courtesy of Bee Green in Albany, GA: Seasonal fruit salad with cinnamon/flax crackers


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