Star Signs - The Good and Bad about Managing Illness

Did you know that Medical Astrology was used by physicians hundreds of years ago? Me neither, until I found this site about the star signs and managing illness. I think sometimes I might be better off with an astrologist treating me than some of the well meaning medical professionals on my treatment team...

This is me being sick, according to Kingsley:


If there was ever a Star sign-social worker Aquarians fits that job description perfectly. Aquarians have unique but traditional approaches to managing symptoms. Their reformist approach may include herbal or alternative healing modalities. Aquarians are social and intellectual creatures with dependable (stoic) temperaments resistant to change. They are indeed rebellious of authority and most doctors. Denial of their illness is no excuse to keep drinking heavily though. Managing illness will present challenges for Aquarians who tend to burn out when stressed. Aquarians detach from their painful symptoms by reading, partying or engaging in mildly perverse behaviors. If that fails they will worry a lot. They need space and freedom to process the effects that illness has on their sense of identity. Aquarians entertain the idea that they are crazy. Whilst enduring longer term treatment strategies for illness they will rent a house with other friends receiving treatment and all go mad. They make friends at hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and chemists. They do not suffer fools gladly however sometimes the truth about illness is hurtful. They are prone to emotional rages and antisocial behaviors.


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