Oh. Well. It's been decided; the NY Times article on Fibromyalga was a "balanced presentation." According to who? The NY Times? Can they do that?

Apparently the NY Times CAN review it's own controversial article and decide it was indeed fair. At least they put this one on the OPINION page!

The Doctors Are In. The Jury Is Out.

by Clark Hoyt, NYT Public Editor and Readers' Representative

"The public editor serves as the readers' representative. His opinions and conclusions are his own. His column appears at least twice monthly in this section."

More drivel from the NYT. At least this one isn't (very) sarcastic.

He's supposed to be the "readers' representative," huh? I'd be willing to bet that the readers he has heard from about the original NY Times article on Fibromyalgia were of the opinion that the article was pretty far away from being a "balanced presentation." So what readers is he representing, anyway?

He quotes one reader and pulls the same stunt Berenson did by placing quotes around one word of Lynn Mantelleana's statement; thereby questioning the credibility of what she is saying:

“I am outraged that a reputable publication such as yours would publish such a nonsensical article about fibromyalgia,” wrote Joanne Nuckton of Tucson, who was angry that anyone would doubt her constant pain, inability to concentrate and "profound" exhaustion. “I request that you publish an article which states a different point of view,” she said.


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