Chronic Monday: Cool sites I've found as a result of the NY Times Article on Fibromyalgia

I know I said last week that I would let this NYT article thing go, but I can't. It's just not time yet. I will lighten up, though. This post has only good things that I've come across in my research of what's being written about "The Article." All you peeps who have some other CI than Fibromyalgia, I hope you'll bear with me here. I mean, try to imagine what it would be like if an institution like the NYT were writing these kinds of things about your illness...

First up is Daily Strength. I think I'm really going to use this site. I've already made some friends in the FM group (one of whom is getting a letter writing campaign started on The Article - more to come on that), and they have this Goal Setting thing that you can use to track your progress toward achieving that goal. Your friends on the site can send encouragement your way, and you can even send email to others telling them of your goal, or put a link to it on your blog like this:

DailyStrength - Free Online Support Groups

Click here to go to the Fibromyalgia group on Daily Strength.

Or click here to visit the main site: DailyStrength - Free Online Support Groups.

In their own words:
"We offer online peer support groups focusing on over 500 life challenges of all types. We provide the tools and a safe environment for people to get the support they need from the people who understand what they're going through the best: people who share their challenge, a care giver of someone living with the challenge, or a medical professional. We've received really amazing feedback that our communities provide an important aspect of our Members' healing and recovery."

Then there's the FM group on eons (Eons, Lovin' Life on the Flip Side...), the Fibromyalgia Support Connection. I was already a member of eons before The Article, but I found the FM Networks's response from a link here. So I introduced myself and started making friends. The Site Manager is working on a project, a book.
The purpose of the book "A Photographic Journal of Fibromyalgia: Making it Visible" is to make it "Visible" through the art of photography and the personal journal entries of those photographed entrants.
Join the group to get more info and to submit an application to be in the book.

In their own words:
"What Is Eons™?
Boom. Boom. Boom. Have you heard it? It’s the beat of our generation of boomers—many of us at Eons included—who are lovin’ life on the flip side. is the online community for “boom-ers,” those of us born between 1946 and 1964 and beyond, who want to learn and do more to make the most of every stage of life. Our community is the place for spirited boom-ers to explore passions and interests, keep in touch with friends and family, connect with interesting people to share life experiences, and most of all—have fun!"

Eons has this LifePath thing where you can literally lay out the path your life has taken so far, and project where you would like for it to go from here. Hard to describe. Guess you'll just have to go there and see for yourself.

And last but not least is the Fibromyalgia... Hope & Healing group on Care2 Make a Difference. This group has a ways to go on building the site, but I've not seen anything like it anywhere else.
This group is about Fibromyalgia; discussing its symptoms and remedies. We seek Natural rather than Pharmaceutical remedies in our path to healing. We encourage you all to share your experiences as we band together in this fight against Fibromyalgia!
(emphasis added by me.)

Regarding the Care2 site in general, in their own words:
Discover, share, take action! green living, health, human rights, and more...


  1. Hi - I came across your blog while writing a (belated) letter to the New York Times and to the Diane Rehm Show for their irresponsible reporting on fibromyalgia. Your detailed posts on the coverage and the response are very helpful and informative. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one struck by how biased Alex Berenson was. Not sure why he would be biased against the reality of such a proven and widespread pain condition, but no matter. He misused the authority that his title brings him. And the radio program, like so many others, assumed that the NYT is the most objective and informed framer for any discussion. Thanks for speaking up and bringing together the other voices that have as well.

  2. Thank you for the kind words!

    I think it would be great if people would keep writing letters about the NYT article for oh, say at least the next year or two. I mean, I'm afraid the reality of the situation is that we're going to be feeling the repercussions from it for at least that long.


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