Voice Your Opinion! - about the NY Times article on Fibromyalgia

I got the excellent information below from the FM Network. The FM Network has been around for a long time, since 1988. When I was diagnosed with FM in 1989, there was a grand total of one book on the subject available at my library. It was a good book, but all I remember of it is that it was written by a doctor and the comparison of having FM to the life of Job from the Bible, and to the fairy tale of the Princess and the Pea. When I found the FM Network Newsletter on the internet, it was my first proof that there were others going through what I was. Anyways, the FM Network is still around, bigger and better than ever, a continuing source of "ad-free, reliable information on the treatment of fibromyalgia, coping advice, and research from experts around the world."

I must say I prefer the way the FM Network is handling this whole affair to the way NFA is handling it as evidenced by President Lynn Matellana's article titled "Time to Move Forward". I think this situation is worthy of some serious stand still attention. I'm going to follow the instructions below to register a complaint about the article with NYT Public Editor and the Managing Editor. I hope you will do the same.
Members of the Fibromyalgia Network and anyone else who would like to respond to the front-page New York Times article, "Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?" that was printed Monday, Jan. 14, 2008, can send comments to the Public Editor Clark Hoyt, who is driven by what readers care and complain about, at public@nytimes.com or call (212) 556-7652. You also are encouraged to send a copy of your comment to News Department at nytnews@nytimes.com and the Managing Editor at managing-editor@nytimes.com.

Please identify that you are responding to the Jan. 14, page 1 article on fibromyalgia and include your name, city, and state. Feel free to include in your response a few of the valid points made by the experts and ask at the end of your e-mail that the editors at the New York Times publish a quality article on fibromyalgia, its pain and symptoms you struggle with daily.

In addition, please send a copy of your e-mail to the Fibromyalgia Network at editor@fmnetnews.com so we can understand and enjoy your response, too.
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