Chronic Monday: How to say 'thank you' to our service people and how this relates to chronic illness

I thought this would be an appropriate blog post for New Year's Eve, 2007. Here's to a 2008 that is free of conflict that is unnecessary and unsanctioned by the people of these great United States of America.

How does this relate to the topic of ICI, you might ask. Here's a tie-in: Have you ever wondered what might become of you if there were actually a war in THIS country? Or am I the only morbid person with CI who envisions a life (if I lived through the initial attack) where I was suddenly on my own and off my meds? Meds, several of which say plainly that suddenly stopping could cause seizures and other uncomfortable sounding consequences. I'll stop the morbidity there, though I could go on envisioning what my life might become in the event of a war on American soil. I do understand that it's not all about me-me-me.

My New Year's resolution for 2008 is to wipe the clutter out of my home and my life, for good. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about it as the year progresses.

Best wishes for a joyful and peaceful holiday season now and for the joy and peace of the season to be with you and yours in the coming year.


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