Another ICI diagnosis = A good reason for no blog posts lately

Recently I had my fourth appointment since November at a local neurologist's office. At this appointment I was finally diagnosed with a form of chronic migraine headache:

2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 346.11
Migraine w/o aura, w/ intract migraine, so stated, w/o mention of status migrainosus

Intractable Migraine
sustained, severe Migraine and accompaniments that are not effectively terminated by standard outpatient intervention. May evolve to a chronic and continuing form, similar to chronic daily headache.
Status migrainosus-- The medical term for an acute migraine headache that lasts 72 hours or longer.


  1. Oh Sherril! I'm so sorry you've been dealing with this! I hope getting the diagnosis means your neurologist will find a way to treat those migraines. And I hope you're able to identify and avoid the triggers, which I know is way easier said than done.

    1. Thanks, Aviva. It's getting a lot easier to ID my triggers since I've gotten past the rebound headaches that were being caused by the meds I was taking to treat the headache. It's certainly a complicated disease!


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