WEGO Health is making November "National Health Blog Post Month"

I'm a little late getting on the band wagon here; in my own defense I will say that I am blogging in the midst of boxes that have yet to be unpacked and furniture that has yet to find a permanent home.  But The Blog must go on!

November has been NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, since 2006.  If you're interested in that history, check hereWego Health is adding the word "health" to the mix and now we have National Health Blog Post Month.  I'm just getting into this and am still checking out all the resources available on these sites but so far I'm really impressed.  You can look at blogs posted by others or add your own blog posts to the Wego Health site.  They also have their own health blog at blog.wegohealth.com that I think is really good.

A pet peeve of mine ever since I heard about NaBloPoMo about four years ago is why do they make these things happen in November? November is an already abnormally busy month for normal people (those of us living with ICI have our own additional challenges during this time) what with the Thanksgiving holiday, and some forward thinking people are even preparing for Christmas in November. Why can't it be in February, in the dead of winter? Or even in July or August, in the heat of summer? (WEGO seems to be answering my question/problem by doing a HAWMC in April also!  Maybe they'll do it again next year and I'll give it a real Girl Scout try to do a post every day...)

My point here is that I've tried to do NaBloPoMo in November a couple of times and I'm ready to admit that as long as it's in November I will never be able to do a blog post every day of that month.  But I CAN throw a post out there whenever I'm inspired to do so by the new HAWMC - Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge - prompts.  Sign up and they will email you the prompts in PDF format.  And there's no pressure to actually post every day:
"...even if you’re not sure if you want to post every day and simply want to check out all the fun prompts (that cover a range of topics from being a patient, to being a blogger, to simply pondering your existence) – you can sign up here!"


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