New Anthem for Autoimmune Disease: Rob Thomas' "Her Diamonds"

Great article: "Rob Thomas' "Her Diamonds" New Anthem for Autoimmune Disease", by Lucinda Gunnin on Associated Content.

I've just realized that people who subscribe to my blog posts via email may not be getting the video feed that's on the blog in their email, and for that reason I should be including actual links to the original video. My apologies, and here are the links to the two video feeds from my last post, also about this song:

The video, via MTV
(smaller version on Rob Thomas TV on Atlantic Records site, if your computer is having trouble loading the one on MTV)

The lyrics, via YouTube

Acoustic version - my favorite, but I think the video is excellent too.

I love this song. Can you tell?

I also LOVED "Smooth" by Carlos Santana with Rob Thomas; that was my first clue as to how cool Rob Thomas is. Yes, that's Thomas' wife, Marisol Madonado, in the video. You know, the HOT one.

It's just like the ocean
Under the moon
That's the same as the emotion
That I get from you...

painting by Mark Godwin


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