Sleep Haiku*

i do want to sleep
but i cannot do it right
please do not blame me

Dedicated to my mom, who in spite of her best efforts, cannot understand the difference between a sleep disorder (no stage 4 sleep AT ALL) and a lack of good "sleep hygiene."

But she's not the only one; this article, Fibromyalgia and Sleep, which as I'm reading it I'm thinking totally "gets it", ends with "
For tips on good sleep hygiene, read "Fixing Sleep Problems May Help Prevent Fibromyalgia."" Sheesh.

There are good folks on the trail of real answers. I just wish they'd hurry up already.

Click the pic for online access to or for a DVD of the conference.

*Haiku =
5 syllables in the first line.
7 syllables in the second line.
5 syllables in the third line.


  1. Sigh. It's so frustrating when people we care about, and who care about us, just can't grok the reality of our health situation. :-(

    Hang in there!


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